Capital Markets Day

Financial Perspective

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Artificial Intelligence

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The Fashion Fulfillment Network of the Future

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The Next Big Things

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Connecting Business to Consumers

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Locking In Supply

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Elevating Zalando

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Next Generation Digital Experience

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Unique Assortment

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The Leading Consumer Destination

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Our Growth Ambitions

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Going Beyond Wholesale

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Zalando Convenience (MGB site visit presentation)

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Financial Perspective

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Brand Solutions

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Distributed Commerce

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Zalando Media Solution

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Zalando Lounge

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Zalando Fashion Store

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Zalando Operations

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Zalando Technology

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Platform Strategy: Brand Focus

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Platform Strategy: Customer Focus

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Staying Ahead of the Game

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Agenda Kapitalmarkttag 2016

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Snapshot Italy

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Advertising Services

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Brand Solutions

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Curated Shopping

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Exciting the Customer

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Tech @ Zalando

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2014 Highlights & Business Outlook

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